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Other Father
Name: Other Father
Gender: Male
Age: 40
Species: Doll
Affiliation: Pink Palace, Other World
Voiced by: John Hodgman

The Other Father is created by the Other Mother. He was used to try to trick Coraline into staying in the Other World by the orders of his creator. However, despite his actions and being on the Other Mother's side from the beginning and helping her, he is actually revealed to be on Coraline's side, already warning her in the beginning while he sang the song.

Overview Edit

The Other Father is a singer-pianist, as well as a gardener. He acts like the Other Mother's slave, showing a scared and traumatized attitude. However, he still seems to retain some aspects of Coraline's real father, repeatedly stating that the Other Mother is forcing him to do this and that, and that he truly does not want to hurt Coraline.